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{| style="border:1px solid #A3B1BF; text-align:left; background:#f5faff" width="75%" {| style="border:1px solid #A3B1BF; text-align:left; background:#f5faff" width="75%"
| |
 +**[http://www.xbrlamericas.info/proyectos.html XBRL Latin American projects]
*'''Australia''' *'''Australia'''
**[[APRA| Australian Prudential Regulation Authority]] **[[APRA| Australian Prudential Regulation Authority]]
Line 24: Line 27:
*'''Germany''' *'''Germany'''
**[[DeutscheBorse|Deutsche Börse]] **[[DeutscheBorse|Deutsche Börse]]
 +**[[Ministry of Corporate Affairs|MCA]]
*'''International''' *'''International'''
Line 34: Line 40:
**[[ItalianBusinessRegister|Italian Business Register]] **[[ItalianBusinessRegister|Italian Business Register]]
**[[MonteDeiPaschiDiSiena|Monte dei Paschi di Siena]] **[[MonteDeiPaschiDiSiena|Monte dei Paschi di Siena]]
 +<!-- New Column -->
*'''Japan''' *'''Japan'''
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**[[JapanNationalTaxAgency|National Tax Agency]] **[[JapanNationalTaxAgency|National Tax Agency]]
-<!-- New Column --> 
*'''Korea''' *'''Korea'''
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*'''Spain''' *'''Spain'''
-**[[AECA|Accounting and Business Administration Association (AECA)]]+ 
-**[[LENLOC|Local Organizations]]+**[http://www.xbrl.es/casos/casos.html Webpage about the XBRL projects in Spain]
-**[[SIIF|Financial Information Exchange System (SIIF)]]+**[http://observatorio.cenatic.es/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=243:estudio-de-la-situacion-actual-de-herramientas-xbrl-extensible-business-reporting-language-en-fuente-abierta&catid=73:empresas&Itemid=23 CENATIC]
-**[[AgenciasDeTasacion|Taxation Agencies]]+**[[INTECO|Institute of Communication Technologies]]
-**[[ES-BE-CB|Central Balance Sheet Data Office]]+
-**[[AEB|Spanish Bank Association(AEB)]]+
-**[[INTECO|Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías de la Comunicación (INTECO)]]+
*'''Sweden''' *'''Sweden'''

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