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In this part you can see XBRL Industry Solutions.


Batavia Business Reporting

Product: Batavia XBRL Link Editor

More Information: http://www.batavia-xbrl.com

Business Wire

Product: EarningsDirector

More Information: http://www.corefiling.com/products/earningsdirect.html


Product:XBRL enabled tools

More Information: Caseware

CoreFiling Limited

Description: Solutions and services for compliance and regulatory filing

More Information: http://www.corefiling.com

DecisionSoft's True North: XBRL

Description: Ture North is a comprehensive XBRL validator. It Provides full server-side functionality for use in enterprise XBRL-consuming applications. Supports XBRL v2.1, Current Errata and Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture (FRTA) validation.

More Information: DecisionSoft XBRL


Product: Xabra: an extensible integration framework (XBI)

More Information:

Edgar Online

Description: I-Metrix from EDGAR Online delivers XBRL fundamental datasets directly to Microsoft Excel and the web, improving data analysis workflow.

The solution will allow users to request XBRL formatted data for all US equities from within Microsoft Excel, custom template and the web. Enabling analysis and benchmarking in a familiar and easy to use environment.

New product: Excelerate.

More Information: I-Metrix - A suite of XBRL interactive

Ernst & Young: IFRS Model Financial Statements

Description: Good Group International Limited IFRS Model Financial Statements XBRL and Web-enabled business reporting online illustrative presentation.

More Information: XBRL and Web-Enabled Business Reporting

Fujitsu's XBRL Validator and XBRL Tools

Description: Validator is a validation tool for XBRL 2.1. This tool validates XBRL 2.1 documents including their taxonomy and linkbase along with XBRL semantics. This tool also provides functions to check XML syntax and to validate XML documents along with XML Schema.

More Information:

HighRidge Technologies

More Information:

Hitachi High Technologies: XBRL Financial Data Service

Name of Organisation: Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation

Products: XiRUTE Taxonomy Editor/Intance Creator Xinba/XiRUTE FRP analyser and viewer of instances

More Information:

International Accounting Standards Board

Description: XBRL IASB continues to make progress on XBRL development and adoption.

More Information: XBRL IASB News

Iphix LLC GaLaPaGoS, the XBRL GL Browser

Contact Information: Gianlucca Garbellotto

Description: GaLaPaGoS, the XBRL GL Browser, is a consultation tool to use as a reference for information about the structure and the elements of the XBRL GL taxonomy. It contains annotated instance documents as well as XML versions of those documents, so prospective XBRL GL creators and consumers can better understand the power of the standardized Global Ledger.

More Information:

Microsoft : Using XBRL and the Microsoft Office

Description: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel have long been used to help compile, report, and consume financial information. Many finance organizations primarily use Microsoft Excel to produce reports. A Microsoft Office-based XBRL solution enables companies to take advantage of all of the benefits of XBRL, while at the same time working within a familiar environment that requires little or no training. A Microsoft Office System-based XBRL solution can help to solve financial reporting and analysis challenges.

More Information:


Description: OneSource is a provider of information on companies from around the world, and they are now aggregating this information from multiple sources and delivering it as fully XBRL version 2.0 valid instance documents. They use the US GAAP draft taxonomy with extensions, which they have in turn submitted to XBRL-US for consideration in the next release of the US GAAP taxonomy. They are the first provider to deliver a fully .NET-enabled Web Service delivering XBRL data on US companies.

Name of Organisation: OneSource Information Services, Inc.

More Information: OneSource solutions


Product: WebAR

More Information: XBRL News from PlanA

Rivet Software's Dragon TAB XBRL Enabler

Description: The Dragon Tag XBRL enabler is an easy to use Microsoft Office add-in that takes the complexity out of converting financial statements to industry standard XBRL documents. Dragon Tag was designed to shield accounting and finance professionals from the daunting complexity of the XBRL standard, and to make document tagging as easy as using Microsoft Excel™ or Microsoft Word. Dragon Tag runs as an Office add-in and appears in the menu structure and tool bar of Word or Excel, enabling you to use “drag and tag” simplicity to mark up your financial documents with XBRL. Fully XBRL 2.1 compliant, Dragon Tag brings unprecedented easy of use to XBRL. With a clean, intuitive interface, financial professionals can get up and running quickly.

More Information: Rivet Software Dragon Tag XBRL enabler

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

More Information: R.R. XBRL Solutions


Description: The SavaNet XBRL Reader allows anyone to easily access and analyze the most detailed corporate financial information available in a standard XBRL format.

More Information: SavaNet XBRL Reader


More Information: Semansys XBRL

Snappy Reports

Product: XBRL Processor

More Information: [www.snappyreports.com Snappy Reports]

Software AG's Digital Reporting Platform

Description: Software AG's Digital Reporting Platform is the first solution supporting all XBRL taxonomies and reports One of the pioneers in XML and XBRL, Software AG was the first company to report its financial statements in IFRS using XBRL 2.1. Since 1969, Software AG has built a reputation as a supplier of high quality software and services and has a unique track record for delivering innovative software solutions. With its Digital Reporting Platform, Software AG leads the market of server-based XBRL reporting solutions.

More Information:

UBmatrix's XBRL Solutions

Description: UBmatrix's XBRL solutions includes UBMatix Automator XBRL Profesional Studio, UBMatriX Universal Converter, UBMatriX Universal Business Server and UBMatriX XBRL Toolset. UBmatrix Report Builder translates your completed template into XBRL, validates it to ensure it's 100% complete and accurate, and produces a file you can submit to your regulatory organization.

More Information:

XBI Software

Product: CovenantWise redit risk management

More Information: XBI Software

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