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Several families of taxonomies have led to potentially large instances (e.g. more than a few tens of kilobytes, up to several gigabytes).

The taxonomy currently known as having this characteristic are:

Note: the European taxonomies are intended to be used by all countries of the European Union, and more.

The size of these instances are typically due to lists of details for things like loans, financial products or assets.

Some tests have been made and led to difficulties. The topic has been discussed in the XBRL International conferences of Abu Dhabi (reference needed????) and Yokohama (reference needed????). The subject is tackled by the XBRL International, in the Standards Board and Best Practices Board.

A Working Groupe Note has been published by XBRL International, proposing mainly to adopt a streaming solution and proposing adequate structure of XBRL instance.

This Wiki is a forum where this topic can be freely discussed.

Types of difficulties

Several difficulties may happen at different stages when processing instances, when:

  • loading the taxonomy
  • generating the instance
  • signing the instance
  • transmitting the instance
  • parsing the instance
  • validating the instance
  • checking business rules
  • reporting errors
  • rendering the instance

Loading the taxonomy

Generating the instance

Signing the instance

Transmitting the instance

Parsing the instance

Validating the instance

Checking business rules

Reporting errors

Rendering the instance

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